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Bachelorette Supplies

Part of the fun at bachelorette parties is hanging out with friends, dressing up, going out and celebrating this happy occasion. Part of the celebration is creating a memorable party atmosphere which you can do through bachelorette supplies. Over the last few years, bachelorette supplies have increased. With over 2 million years reported in the US per year and the potential for more than 2 million plus bachelorette parties, many companies have focused on creating the best in bachelorette supplies. We have decided to bring to you the most popular bachelorette party supplies. With so many on the market, we will go over the most popular products, based on the top bachelorette party supplies site

In this economy, we want to make sure every bachelorette knows how to get the most for their money. We have listed the most economical bachelorette supplies in making sure you have everything you need at a low cost. Let's face it, us girls have to purchase the wedding gift, bridesmaid dress, get a bridesmaid gift and spend money for a bachelorette party. Even though most of us look forward to the pre-wedding festivities, it can get expensive so we are here to help keep the costs down!

Below we have also listed some tips on how to find the best in bachelorette party supplies to help make your bachelorette parties a major success:

Bachelorette Supplies1) Plan the bachelorette supplies to the bachelorette parties venue
If you are having a home party, there may be different bachelorette supplies you want to purchase than if you are going to a restaurant, bar or have a hotel room. Supplies that you hang (e.g., streamers, posters, flags, banners) and bachelorette confetti and other tableware is always excellent since you can place it anywhere. A favorite is also the bachelorette blow up dolls and other inflatable items that accent any room and give the girls a great chuckle.

2) Figure out the budget
The average amounts of bachelorette supplies that are ordered online range from $35-$100. Figure each girl spending $15 for bachelorette supplies is a good indicator when purchasing the products. There are so many great and fun items so know your budget and have a great time with ordering bachelorette supplies.

3) Ask the bride-to-be on her comfort level
See if you want to go sassy or classy with the bachelorette supplies. Part of the decision may be based on the bachelorette venue or entertainment (restaurant or bar, concert or male review). You know the bride-to-be so plan the bachelorette supplies accordingly.

4) Order bachelorette supplies early
Many times the party planner(s) will wait till the last minute to order bachelorette supplies and then stress out if they will arrive on-time. Give yourself at least a week and a half in advance or more to order bachelorette supplies. The best is ordering them asap so you have them and don't have to fret wondering if they will make it on time. Companies such as the top bachelorette party supply site get their orders out within the same day, have priority shipping and offer free freight.

5) Look for bachelorette supplies incentives
Choose to order from a site that offers free shipping, no sales tax, great prices and a free gift with every bachelorette supply order. In this economy you have purchasing power so use it to your advantage.

6) Great bachelorette party customer service
Make sure the bachelorette supplies company you order from has a phone number, email address and someone who answers their phone (or gets back to you same day). Again, we have been impressed with as they take care of their bachelorette supply orders quickly and have the employees to get things done with reported top customer service.

7) Ask questions
If you have questions about the bachelorette supplies, email or call the company to find out more. Also remember that most of the bachelorette supplies will be perishable as you will only use them once, unless you have other bachelorette parties that same year you can reuse them for.

8) Get diverse bachelorette supplies
Look at getting some bachelorette decorations to hang and place on tables, bachelorette candy for the girls, fun items that bachelorettes can carry (possibly bling items such as rings, light up necklaces, bachelorette bubble guns) and something you can decorate the bride-to-be in (e.g., tiara, boa, veil). Blow ups and games also make great bachelorette supplies.

9) Don't forget to bring them
There have been many bachelorette parties where the person in charge of bachelorette supplies forgets to bring the items. Make sure to be proactive and pack them early. Write yourself a memo, place a reminder on your email, write it on your forearm or wear a rubber band to remind you of bringing these items.

10) Set up the bachelorette supplies as early as possible
It is fun to have a bachelorette decorating party where some of the girls that want to help come over to the place where the party will be held and decorate a few hours prior to the bride-to-be showing up. You don't want the bride-to-be walking in as you are still setting up.

Hopefully you find our bachelorette supplies tips helpful. Happy planning and let us know if you have any bachelorette supply ideas.




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