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Bachelorette Party Pictures - Picture Taking Etiquette

Bachelorette parties 101 wants to share with you the most important advice when being invited to your friends or family member's bachelorette party when it comes to bachelorette party picture taking. Below we have listed the most important Last Night Out rules to take into consideration when taking photos:

No embarrassing bachelorette party pictures
You want the bride-to-be to get married right? Don't take pictures of her innocently flirting with guys, on top of a male dancer, or doing anything else that may cause embarrassment or humiliation. Rule of thumb is, the groom should be able to look at all the pictures you take as you don't want the bachelorette to hide a few or for the bachelorette party pictures to surface a few weeks later and anger the bride or groom. Ask yourself before taking any bachelorette party picture, "would I want someone taking this shot of me?"

Don't give the camera to an irresponsible bachelorette
The last thing you want is for the entire night of great bachelorette party pictures to be taken and then find out you cannot find the camera. It may turn up on some lucky guys chair at a bar which may end up all over the internet or erased with a present for the person who found it. Unfortunately, not everyone is honest and also make sure you have your name and phone number on the camera.

Picture take and don't carry as jewelry
Make sure that the bachelorette(s) you assign to take pictures are good at taking them and don't just carry around the camera like a bracelet. Give the camera to someone who is known for taking great pictures and also wants to be responsible for the bachelorette party pictures.

Erase bad bachelorette party pictures
Go through the camera periodically and erase those shots that look horrible. It is not cool to keep pictures that make others look ugly, horrific or like bridezillas when they were just having a bad hair moment or face moment.

Take Group Shots and Individual Shots
Make sure to get the group together a few times since it is great and memorable to have everyone in group bachelorette party pictures. Also get a few of the bride-to-be and the other bridesmaids having fun. More on this subject on our bachelorette party picture tips page.

Staged vs. Natural bachelorette party pictures
Make sure to get both staged pictures when all the girls know there will be a shot, as well as natural pictures of people having fun, not knowing they are going to be photographed. Remember, erase any pictures that are not pleasing to the girls who are in the photo. More on this subject on our bachelorette party picture tips page.

End of the night pictures
As the bachelorette party rolls on, make sure to think clearly on the bachelorette party pictures you take at the end of the night. Many times, girls have been drinking a lot and may be more relaxed and do more wild things that should not be caught on camera. Ask the girls you are taking pictures of, if it is okay in those moments of judgment. It is also good to ask them the next day or week to make sure they are okay with the picture being published as they may have been too inebriated to give you an answer in good judgment when in the moment.

Let us know if you have any additional bachelorette party picture etiquette ideas and we will add them to the page. You can email us at




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