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Bachelorette gag gifts Bachelorette toys Light Up and Blinking Bling

Bachelorette Party Gag Gifts

Bachelorette Party Supplies - Toys

Bachelorette Party Supplies- Glow and Light-up

There is nothing like gag gifts for bachelorette parties. Whether you get the bachelorette supplies that are a ball and chain around the bride-to-be’s foot, a pecker inspector badge for all the girls or even willie party shooters that shoot the tops of willies as an air gun would, you will liven up the bachelorette bash and have all the girls screaming with laughter.

There are many on the market so find the right bachelorette gag gifts that are right for your party. It is fun to find the more cheap products that you can get each of the girls to enjoy and even make a little party bag for little cost.

Bring in the bachelorette party with some bachelorette toys to play with wherever you celebrate the last night out.

From a Mr. Pecker head (like Mr. Potatoe head), sticky dickies (throw and stick to a wall), wind up pecker racers, pecker squirt guns, or even a bouncy pecker superball, you and the divas will enjoy yourselves and have enough to do without having any downtime. These bachelorette supplies are very reasonably priced and are very popular.

There are a lot of bachelorette supplies on the market now that light up or glow which make it fun to wear. Some of the top items are the blinking bunny ears, blinking pecker pens, glowing shot glasses, bling rings, earrings and bachelorette light up bracelets that brighten all bachelorette parties.

These items are very reasonably priced so you can get them for each girl as a party gift to enjoy during the last night out.

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Pick Up Dicks and Other Fun Supplies

Bachelorette Mini Vibrators & Party Gifts

Bachelorette Mardi Gras Beads

Bachelorette Party Game Bachelorette Party Supplies - Vibrators Bachelorette Party Supplies - Mardi Gras Beads

There are some bachelorette supplies on the market that can be used for different things. The bachelorette pick up dicks are a perfect example. This is a Great Item for the party it works as a Game and as drink stirrers w/ a shot glass!! It is two-fold it is a takeoff of the old Pick-Up Sticks game and has 16 colored sticks that can be used as stirrers, it also has a shot glass and a great Pecker shaped metal tin for the evening. The 8" pink dickie tin, has 16 colored sticks, one black stick and a shot glass.

Instructions on how to play the game come in the box!! This is a great drinking game and when you’re done, each of the girls has a colored dickie stirrer - What a deal and all for under $9.00. There are other items like this that you can find which cover your decorations, games and drinkables.

What says partying gift more than a personal vibrator for each girl. These lifesaver vibes make a great bachelorette gift basket item and work real well!

This retailer even includes the batteries and a very cute pack that looks like lifesavers. You can find them for as little as $5.99

No matter what season you are in, mardi gras beads are always a bachelorette favorite since they can also be used as bachelorette decorations, games and wearable items. Get some for each girl as they only run .35 cents each.

Place them on tables for decorations, have guys pick up their shirts to win beads and dress the bachelorette up in her bling. Mardi Gras beads always are a great accent and bachelorette supply for any last night out.

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