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I know how you feel in this economy, planning bachelorette parties and taking on more expenses, even though this is a fun and memorable event with the girls! We all could use some savings which is why we created this economical bachelorette party supplies page to help with how to save money and still have a lot of great products.

Almost Free Bachelorette Party Supplies Almost Free Bachelorette Party Supplies Almost Free Bachelorette Party Supplies
#13 The Bachelorette Sash #14 Bachelorette Suction Decorations #15 Bachelorette Swizzle Sticks

Bachelorette Party Supplies - Bachelorette Sash

Bachelorette Party Supplies - Decorations

Bachelorette Party Supplies- Favors

Nothing says eloquence more than the bachelorette party sash! Have the bride-to-be come out in style with this reasonably priced bachelorette sash that costs only $2.95.

Make sure to get lots of bachelorette party pictures. This is a non-embarrassing item for bachelorette parties and a favorite that is reasonably priced.

Decorate any bachelorette party with these great willie suction cups.

These multi-colored bachelorette decorations look great at any last night out; whether you are at an at-home party or away party. Place them on glasses, windows and even table bars.

Whether you are mixing a drink, needing bachelorette decorations or wanting to light up your way to let everyone know the bachelorette party has arrived, this bachelorette favor is the best.

The bachelorette swizzle sticks light up and are a favorite to get for each girl. They are only.89 cents and blink brightly to get the bride-to-be noticed quickly. You will have a lot of fun with these bachelorette party drink mixers.

Almost Free Bachelorette Party Supplies Almost Free Bachelorette Party Supplies Almost Free Bachelorette Party Supplies
#16 Pecker Marshmallows #17 Light Up Dickie Charms #18 Candy Mints with Risqué Sayings
Bachelorette Party Supplies - Treats Bachelorette Party Supplies - Charms Bachelorette Party Supplies - Candy
If you want a tasty treat at an amazing price, check out these Willie marshmallows. Each comes individually wrapped and are great to give to each bachelorette. This is a great priced candy to eat as a pick-me-up when your sugar levels are running low.

They come in assorted colors and are a great bachelorette item for each diva to have. They also make great decorations for bachelorette parties.

Light your way into fun at bachelorette parties with these great blinking dickie charms. Each charm is great to use as a clip on or on a table to attract great attention.

At a value of only .89¢ how can you go wrong. You will enjoy the party light that will add to your festivities with bling!


Candy always is fun to eat at a bachelorette party. What more fun than to have candy mints with naughty sayings. Some of the sayings include “Teeny Weenie”, “Here Cums the Bride”, “Happily F**king Ever After” and many more. They are great to throw in a purse, place as table decorations or when you really have bad breath and are about to dance on the dance floor.

Packages sold individually only for $.35¢ each. A great item to place in bachelorette party gift bags and give out prior to the bachelorette party starting!

Bachelorette Parties - Economical Bachelorette Supplies
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We hope you get some ideas from our economical bachelorette supplies section. Please email us with any bachelorette party supply ideas you may have at We look forward to hearing from you soon and remember to order your bachelorette party supplies early.




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