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Bachelorette Parties - Low Cost Gift Ideas and Tips

In this economy it is understandable that bachelorette parties are cutting back and making sure to have enough money to plan an awesome last night out that doesn't break the bank. Let's face it, you have to plan a bachelorette party, bridal shower, get your bridesmaid dresses and get a wedding gift. Bachelorette parties 101 is here to help by giving you ideas to save on low cost bachelorette gift ideas that are still fun and memorable. Below we have listed the bachelorette savings:

1) Purchase gifts online and on time
You would not believe how many divas wait until the last minute to plan their bachelorette parties! The last thing you need to be is crazy at the last minute, scrambling to figure out what can be done as you don't want to let down the bride-to-be. The key is planning early for bachelorette parties. Even when you purchase bachelorette gifts, give yourself at least 2 weeks out so you can get everything and not rush at the last minute in panic. Last minute rushes cost you more as you need to then place a 1-day, 2-day or 3-day rush through UPS. It is still cheaper to get your bachelorette party supplies online than in a store as discussed below.

Bachelorette Parties Gifts2) Find a bachelorette site offering bachelorette gifts at low prices without the discount gimmicks
There are many bachelorette party sites that trick bachelorettes by stating they offer 20% or even 40% off of items when they are still more expensive than sites just offering low prices to begin with.

3) Bachelorette sites having all bachelorette supplies in stock
Make sure to order from a bachelorette supply site offering everything on their site. It is dishonest for some of these sites to actually have you order and then wait till the last moment to let you know they are not getting the item in. Again, always carrys everything they show online.

4) Bachelorette Sites Offering Immediate Shipping
Make sure you find a bachelorette site that offers same day out shipping so you know you will get your bachelorette supplies on time. Some bachelorette supply sites don't really state they ship same day or don't provide a phone number or email. When you do call, you get an answering machine with no one calling you back.

5) Bachelorette gift items under $3.99
There are many bachelorette party items you can get at amazing prices due to the economy. has a section they call "under $3.99" and they list all their cheap but fun bachelorette party supplies. With real inexpensive bachelorette party gifts, you can purchase more and get fun items for all of the bachelorettes goodie bags.

6) Bachelorette party games multi-uses
Certain bachelorette party games like Pin the Macho on the Man are great to play and are also a bachelorette party decoration for the wall. We also enjoy the Pick Up Dicks (like pickup sticks) since you can play the game and then use the willie sticks as table decorations or drink stirrers.

7) Free Shipping and No Sales Tax
By ordering your bachelorette party supplies online, you can save yourself in shipping and sales tax costs which is why it is better to order online. Create a budget and then go online to see the bachelorette party gifts available.

8) Create some of your own bachelorette party gifts
Throw a bachelorette gift party prior to the bachelorette party and create some cute photo-albums, scented candle sets or even a "Suck for a buck" t-shirt. Have all the girls work together to make some special items for the bride-to-be. Decorate a tiara, add bling to a t-shirt stating "Bride-To-Be" and have fun at the pre-party. A great way to get to know the bridesmaids.

9) Plan ahead
The earlier you start to plan, the better. Call some other bachelorettes and figure out what types of bachelorette items you want to order. Have everyone go on the same bachelorette site and choose items together, yet still planning in general what you want to get. It is very similar going into a supermarket when you are hungry or have no list - you always end up purchasing more than needed.

10) Bachelorette recyclables
If you know you are going to attend multiple bachelorette parties over the season, make sure to keep those items that will last and appoint someone to store them until the next party. Great long lasting items include the bachelorette superball, bachelorette party tray, stud playing cards and sparkle tiara. All of these items will keep well and will save money over the bachelorette season.

We hope this bachelorette party gift saving section was helpful as you plan your last night out. Give us some feedback at and we will post your ideas to help other bachelorettes as they plan their parties!




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