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Bachelorette Party Gifts – Top 10 Gifts for Bachelorette Parties

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Bachelorette gift 8

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Bachelorette Caddy Pack

Bachelorette exotic dance lessons

Bachelorette edible play pens

For a sassy bride-to-be, this bachelorette caddy pack comes equipped with Personal Lubricant, Toy Cleaner, Feather Tickler, Bubble Bath, Silicone Willie ring, Mini Massager, Vibrating Hair Brush, Rabbit Sleeve, Anal Beads.

You will have one happy groomsman thanking you if you get his fiancι this wonderful and erotic caddy pack. With all the products included, it is only $21.99.

If you have a dancer in your midst, you should treat her to the gift of dance. Exotic dance that is. There is nothing like learning the art of exotic chair and pole dancing. It is a great workout, great fun and you will have a happy groomsman singing your praise.

 There are exotic dance lesson teachers all over the US and Europe. Check out the exotic dance lesson directory. Ask about group discounts and plan early since the lessons fill up since it is a popular event.

Get silly and give the bachelorette some sexy play pens. These edible and delicious body pens come in three delicious flavors including Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla.

Bring them to the bachelorette party and have fun with them or save them for the honeymoon. They are a very popular bachelorette gift and only cost $8.99 for the set of 3.


Bachelorette gift 10


Bachelorette strip chocolate board game


Sexy board games are a great honeymoon gift, especially this edible board game. The bride and groom take turns rolling the dice and draw cards to determine who strips and who gets painted with frosting. The last one wearing clothes wins - or actually they both come out winners!

Includes a jar each of chocolate and cherry body frosting, two brushes, game board, game pieces and cards. Playful partner not included but not far behind. A wonderful bachelorette party gift.


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