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Bachelorette Parties - Top Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette parties are synonymous with bachelorette party games! No matter what your bachelorette location you choose, there are always bachelorette games that can be played.

Some important bachelorette game tips are:

1) Make sure to fit bachelorette games to the bride-to-be's personality (wild or mild).
2) Space the bachelorette party games out during the bachelorette party so you get more participation.
3) Don't force bachelorettes to play as they may not want to and only want to watch.
4) Make sure to get bachelorette games that fit your entertainment venue.
5) Choose a variety of bachelorette party games to play.

Below, we have listed the most popular bachelorette party games to play with the descriptions of each.

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Pin the Macho on the Man Pick up Dicks Sticky Willie

A bachelorette game favorite. This bachelorette party game is like playing the pin the tail on the donkey but with some extra macho! What is great about the bachelorette game of pin the macho is that it also can be used as a decoration and comes with the man poster and willie cut-outs that can decorate a room or table when finished with the game!

There is also a game called pin the hose on the fireman which we enjoy. This game can be found online for under $8.00. The bachelorette Pin the Macho is our top pick and you will really enjoy this game with the bachelorettes. Another great idea for the pin the macho on the man is to place the groom's face on the poster. It is sure to get many laughs!

Another bachelorette party game favorite. This Pick-up-Stick type game has 16 little bachelorette willie sticks that you drop on a table. Each bachelorette takes one but if they move the others, they then take a shot of their favorite bachelorette party drink.

The great thing about this bachelorette party game is that it also acts as a bachelorette decoration as the sticks can be bachelorette stirrers of drinks or table decorations. You also get a bachelorette shot glass and nice tin in the shape of a willie. One of our favorite bachelorette party games that you can find online for under $5.50.

Have some fun with the bachelorettes when racing the sticky willies. These jelly-like willies are great for throwing against a wall or window and watch them roll down!

The super stretchable sticky dicks are also great for table decorations and for throwing around! Have some fun with this great bachelorette party game and you will have a memorable time.

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Bachelorette Jumping Pecker

Mr. Pecker Head (Mr. Potato Head)

Bachelorette Dare-To-Do-It Checklist

The jumping pecker is a real crowd pleaser when you get a whole bunch and race them across any table.

The jumping pecker is a windup toy in the shape of a willie that hops and forges forward. Wind them up and let them go. This bachelorette bachelorette game is under $2.80 each.

If you want a creative bachelorette party game, get a few Mr. Dick Heads and have the bachelorettes make the funniest one. Offer a bachelorette prize for the funniest creation. Take the Mr. Dick Head out on the town as you and the girls go to your bachelorette party venues.

We promise he won't talk back and will be a cheap date and great escort for the bachelorettes.

The bachelorette checklist is a great game that offers all the girls to participate. Break up into teams and give each of the teams a bachelorette checklist as there are a few in each pack. There are 10 wildly fun dares on each form to check off.

You and the girls will have a memorable time with this bachelorette game. You can also find this game in a bag form as well as a free list of additional bachelorette dares. This bachelorette game is only $1.99 and comes with a few sheets. What a bargain.

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We hope these bachelorette party game ideas give you some ideas on where to travel for your bachelorette parties! Send your game ideas for us to place up at




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