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Bachelorette Parties - Top Entertainment Ideas

Part of the fun of bachelorette parties is what type of bachelorette party entertainment you decide to partake in during your last night out! Some go for the typical and symbolic bachelorette parties while others go for more creative ideas! A big part of which bachelorette entertainment idea you go with is how many bachelorette parties you have been to as you don't want to do the same old thing every time one of your friends has a bachelorette party. The most important thing to remember is to ask the bachelorette what  her favorite ideas are prior to just deciding for the masses; remember it is about the bride-to-be and not the bachelorettes. Below we have listed some of the top ideas for bachelorette parties as well as some more creative thinking ideas.

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Bachelorette Party Male Strippers Spa Bound Bar Bound

Bachelorette Parties - Male Strippers

Bachelorette Parties - Spa

Bachelorette Parties - Bars and Nightclubs

Yes, you have guessed it, the most common entertainment is still the bachelorette party male stripper coming to a home or hotel and strutting their stuff. The most popular male stripper idea is having them dress as a police officer, firefighter, school teacher or favorite rock star. There are many bachelorette male entertainers out there but we found the best bachelorette party male directory that covers you nationwide! Just make sure to have a reputable agency as well as checking with the bride-to-be if this is okay. Don't take revealing bachelorette party pictures as it may be too embarrassing and start a fight with the groom to be.

There is nothing like relaxing with the bridesmaids at a spa for the day. Get manicures, pedicures, a massage and go into the sauna to unwind and pamper you and the divas. It is a great way to spend the day with great friends prior to going out for some lunch, dinner or dancing. There are so many local spas in the area you can find.

There are even Spa franchises you can find in your area like Spa Envy. Make sure to bring a change of clothes and anything else you need to freshen up after you relax with the girls.

Did anyone say Happy Hour? A great and popular idea is to get all the girls together and go to your favorite bar or bars for bachelorette parties. If you are local, attend the bachelorettes favorite hangout or if you are away, ask the concierge for the best places to take the bride-to-be that has good food and great fun!

Let them know in advance you are with a bachelorette party and they will give you some great deals in this economy! Bring some great bachelorette party games and supplies with you to dress up the Last Night Out!

Bachelorette Parties Entertainment Idea 4

Bachelorette Parties Entertainment Idea 5

Bachelorette Parties Entertainment Idea 6

Did Anyone Say Food: Restaurants

Exotic Dance Lessons

Passion Parties

Bachelorette Parties - Restaurants and Food Bachelorette Parties - Exotic Dance Lessons Bachelorette Parties - Passion Party

I am hungry just thinking about it. Bachelorette parties are great when they involve fine food! Choose the bride-to-be's favorite type of food and a fun atmosphere for the bachelorettes. There is always a great restaurant to find wherever you are! If local, go to the favorite restaurant of the bride and if away, ask a concierge to make you a reservation.

Again, make sure to ask for a group discount as you have purchasing power when out with a group! Also make sure the bachelorettes have enough money, depending on where you are going. It is customary to pay for the bachelorette and her drinks as a group. Better to also collect prior to the last night out.

A recently popular idea is to get the bachelorettes together for an exotic dance lesson at a home party or at a studio near you. There are a lot of local bachelorette party studios that teach the bride and her divas the art of exotic dancing. You can find an exotic dance lesson directory that has a lot of the best places.

What is better than some bachelorette party fun, a great workout and a lesson to bring back to your significant other, all in one place! Carmen Electra and Fawnia Monday Deitrich were the founders of a great exercise that your partner will appreciate! You will have a memorable time with exotic dance lessons for your bachelorette party! Gypsy Rose Dancing in Boston, Exotic Dance Central in New York and Night School 4 Girls in Las Vegas.

What is better than bringing over a bachelorette party consultant who teaches you and the girls about all the new bachelorette party toys, plays bachelorette party games and lets you purchase anything you like! A passion party is what they are called and bachelorettes love this type of party.

Ask the bride-to-be if she is up for a passion party and you can find a bachelorette passion party consultant in your area since they are all over. Make sure to ask prior to the event on how much it costs, what it entails and how long it goes for. Get a recommendation from someone who used their service so you are not disappointed.

Bachelorette Parties - Entertainment Ideas
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